Eshop FAQ

  • Eshop Displayed Prices
    • All product prices in our EHSOP are stated in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are subject to prevailing GST charges.

  • Eshop Delivery Charges
    • We provide FREE delivery for Eshop order SGD100 and above (before GST). A delivery fee of SGD50.00 (before GST) is applicable for order below SGD100 (before GST). All products within a single order will be made in one delivery.

  • Eshop Payment Modes
    • We accept all international credit card payment, via bank transfer or paynow.

  • Eshop Promo Code
    • When you reach the payment stage, key in the promo code if any, in the designated field. Please note that promo code may not be used concurrently with any other vouchers (T&C applied).

  • Eshop Voucher
    • When you reach the payment stage, key in the voucher serial number issued to you, if any in the designated field. Please note that voucher may not be used concurrently with promo code (T&C applied).

  • Eshop Order Delivery
    • After you have placed your order successfully, we will verify the order and confirm the delivery date and time with you via email (if there is one) or phone call within 5 business days.

  • Eshop Delivery Destination
    • We deliver online orders within Singapore only. To ensure quick and reliable delivery, we deliver all orders to non-P.O.Box addresses.

  • Eshop - Recipient Not at Home
    • If the recipient is not home when delivery is made, please call our customer service representative at 6281 1198 to arrange a convenient time for re-delivery arrangement. SGD50.00 (before GST) will be chargeable for re-delivery.

      Note: We guarantee delivery of our products to your doorstep. Please provide specific instructions regarding delivery alternatives if this condition is not likely to be suitable.

  • Eshop - Self-Collection
    • Customer must present order acknowledgement receipt at self-collection venue upon collection of goods. Self-collection must be made within 5 business days after payment. Should there be any unforeseen circumstances that the customer is not able to collect the goods within 5 business days, please call our customer service hotline at 62811198 to re-arrange the collection time.

      Self-Collection venue: 37 Jalan Pemimpin #01-08, Mapex Singapore 577177; open daily from *10am to 7pm. Contact number 6333 1198. Nearest MRT: Marymount, exit B.
      *Please refer to our store locator  for updated opening hours.

  • Eshop - Installation Request
    • Customer is to indicate installation request by indicating "Yes" to "Installation Required" during check-out OR drop us an email at enquiry@songcho.com.sg and quote your order number OR call us at 6281 1198. Please refer to “Installation Service and Charges” for charges.

  • Eshop Warranty Registration
    • Please register your warranty online HERE. You may view the warranty terms and conditions on the same page.

  • Eshop Security Capabilities & Payment Policy
      •    We currently accept Visa® and MasterCard® as well as direct bank transfer. Please be assured that our systems offer complete security and that customers information is kept private.

      •    When you place an order through this website, we need to know your name, e-mail, phone number, address and credit card details if payment is via credit card. This allows us to process and fulfil your order successfully. It also helps us in maintaining your account.

      •    All credit card payments are processed securely through PAYPAL. Payment by credit card is the fastest way to receive your order as there is no clearance delay. We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

      •    By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information by SONG-CHO. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post the changes on our PRIVACY POLICY so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

Product FAQ

  • Stainless Steel Maintenance
    • Maintenance of stainless steel is needed though minimal. Our 18-8 stainless steel product range is durable and long lasting with little maintenance needed. Usually, a scrub with hot or warm water is all that needed to remove any greasy particles or stains. The use of a bristle brush will give our products an additional sheen, making it appears shinier and just like brand new.

      Typically, impurities accumulate on stainless steel (alkaline from dish-washing liquids, grease and minerals etc.) may form watermarks on the products. This happens when maintenance is not done regularly. If watermarks are stubborn, using toothpaste to remove the marks will be sufficient.

  • Stainless Steel Maintenance Service
    • Under circumstances whereby watermarks cannot be removed by the customer, please call our customer service hotline 6281 1198 or bring the products to our showrooms or head office. Please bring along the proof of purchase or warranty for maintenance services. A service charge of SGD8.00 is applicable per item.

      *Watermarks removal is done by a polishing process. Please note that this polishing process will inevitably create hairline scratches on the surface of the stainless steel items such as stainless steel trays.

  • Stainless Steel Information
    • Our stainless steel rack range belongs to the 18-8 quality (international code number 304) and it contains the following alloys:

      •    Carbon (C) <= 0.08
      •    Silicon (Si) <= 1.00
      •    Maganese (Mn) <=2.00
      •    Phosphorus (P) <= 0.045
      •    Sulphur (S) <= 0.03
      •    Nickel (Ni) >= 8.00
      •    Chromium (Cr) >= 18.00

      There are two types of processes used to finish stainless steel, namely Electrolysis and Electroplating. Our stainless steel range uses i®Electrolysis process.

      Electrolysis: Stainless steel wires having undergone the electrolysis process will have a very bright and long lasting finish. This is due to the elimination of impurities in the process. The more you use it (with periodical cleaning), the newer it looks. All our stainless steel range uses the right electrolysis process to ensure our high quality.

      Electroplating: Stainless steel wires having undergone the electroplating process will have a glossy and bright finish. But they discolour easily and leave a spotty finish after some time. The plating portion falls off easily, which is typical of counterfeit wire that uses such a method.

  • Multiply Stainless Steel Cookware Maintenance
    • The dense structure of our multiply stainless steel cookware and rice cooker inner pot make it difficult for mineral particles or oil to penetrate, which may leave stains on the cookware surface. This build-up of mineral particles is normal and do not impede cooking performance. The cookware is safe to use.
      The stains can be easily cleaned using detergent or stainless steel powder and a green scouring pad, loofah sponge or metal scourer. Alternatively, lemon juice or white vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent.

      •    White residue - caused by the starch contained in water or food.
      •    Surface spots - caused by the minerals contained in water or salt.
      •    Rainbow colour - overheating of cookware, colour is harmless.

      Stainless steel cookware can be scrubbed regularly since there is no coating to begin with, and this will ensure your cookware looking sparkling new.

  • Multiply Stainless Steel Cookware Usage
    • Each product comes with a user guide on how to use multiply stainless steel cookware. Please read the do’s and don’ts carefully before using.

      •    Food sticks - cooking oil is not hot enough; food is not completely defrosted before cooking, etc.
      •    Rice sticks - for rice cooker, once the rice is cooked, let the rice rest for 15 minutes before opening the lid.

      *Prolong exposure to salty leftovers may cause pitting, which is chemical reaction that reduces the lifespan of the cookware. Salt residue should not remain in cookware of any material, including stainless steel, and should be cleaned promptly to avoid damaging your cookware surface eventually leading to rust and corrosion.

  • Multiply Stainless Steel Cookware Servicing
    • Where servicing is required, please call our customer hotline at 62811198 and quote us the product model number and warranty card number. Servicing charge is dependent on the part that requires servicing. You may also bring the product to our service center.

General FAQ

  • Delivery Hours & Charges
    • •    Delivery hours are from 11.00am to 4.00pm

      •    Delivery days are from Monday to Saturday (no delivery on Sunday and public holiday).

      •    FREE local delivery for purchase SGD200 (before GST) and above at our showrooms (delivery fee of SGD50.00 before GST is applicable for change of delivery location without giving at least one-day advance notice).

      •    Delivery fee of SGD50 (before GST) is applicable for order below SGD200 (before GST) and for each subsequent trip made.

      •    Delivery is for all products within a single order will be made in one delivery.

      •    Delivery is only for Singapore addresses.

      •    For OVERSEAS DELIVERY, please write to us at enquiry@songcho.com.sg and we will advise the shipping rate accordingly.

  • Installation Service and Charges
    • We provide installation service for Song-Cho products only. Please be advised that we do not cater to customer requests to install products from other brands.

      Customers are required to provide as much details on the installation site such as the material on which installation is to be carried out (concrete, marble, wood, etc.), area measurement (length, width and height) and hidden piping (gas pipes, water pipes, etc.) to ensure a smooth and safe installation.

      We offer installation services for our customers at the following charges on a PER TRIP BASIS (minimum purchase of SGD150 before GST of Song-Cho Stainless Steel Racking items) unless otherwise stated. Any subsequent servicing needed is SGD50 (before GST) per trip unless otherwise stated (spare parts are charged separately). The following charges are before GST.


      • •    Wall Series Installation *SGD80
        •    Clothes Hanger (model 5547) Installation *SGD80
        •    Closet Series Installation *SGD80
        •    Upper Cabinet Auto/Pull-Down Series Installation *SGD100
        •    *Extra SGD40 per series/clothes hanger is applicable if the installation is done on special material e.g. stone, concrete, stainless steel, saw wood, partition.


      • •    Installation SGD80 per piece per trip.
        •    Hole Opening SGD40 (applicable for special material e.g. stone, concrete, stainless steel, saw wood, partition; this service is provided only if installation of faucet is done by us) per trip.
        •    Servicing charge is SGD50 per piece per trip after one-year warranty period (spare parts are charged separately).


      • •    Installation is FREE upon delivery (SGD50.00 per trip for subsequent trip made).
        •    Hole Opening SGD40 (applicable for special material e.g. stone, concrete, stainless steel, saw wood, partition; this service is provided only if installation of water filter is done by us) per trip.
        •    Servicing charge is SGD50 per piece per trip after one-year warranty period (spare parts are charged separately).


      •    Each additional trip for hole opening on the sink (for faucet) is SGD50.
      •    Service charge for 3rd hole opening on the sink is SGD25 (first 2 hole-opening is free of charge).


      •    SGD60 per hood.


      •    SGD50 per trip.


      •    Mirror Cabinet SGD80 per trip.
      •    Vanity Base Cabinet SGD150 per trip.


      • •    SGD35 per LED.
        •    SGD5 per subsequent LED.

  • Servicing Charges
    • We provide servicing and repair service for the following (fees shown are before GST):


        •    SGD8.00 per item.


        •    Servicing charge is dependent on the part that needs to be serviced. Please call our customer hotline at 62811198 and quote us your product model number and warranty card number. You may also bring the product to our service center .

      • FAUCET

        •    SGD50.00 per trip is applicable after one-year warranty period. 
        •    Spare parts are charged separately.


        •    SGD50.00 per trip is applicable after one-year warranty period.
        •    SGD50.00 per trip for dismantling service.
        •    SGD50.00 per trip for re-installation service.
        •    Spare parts are charged separately.

      • LED

        •    SGD30 + SGD5 (per LED) per trip.

  • Goods and Services Tax
      • Customers need to pay the prevailing GST rate.
  • Site Measurement Service
    • We provide site measurement service. This service is offered at no obligation but a fee is chargeable. To make an appointment, you may contact us at our customer service hotline 6281 1198, send us an EMAIL at enquiry@songcho.com.sg or fill up the FORM. You can also contact any of our showrooms to arrange for an appointment.

  • Layout Drawing and Quotation Service
    • We can propose a new layout drawing for your kitchen and wardrobe space at no fee. Please fill out the FORM and upload a copy of your floorplan. We will contact you once the drawing and quotation is ready.

  • Exchange & Refund for Product
    • All products sold are not refundable. As a value-added service to our customers, we allow exchange to be made for our products. All the following conditions must be met and agreed upon by the customer before an exchange can be made.

      •    The product and its packaging have to be in good condition. Our staff will check and determine this.
      •    Proof of purchase showing the product to be exchanged (cash sales slips, invoices or receipts) must be shown to our staff.
      •    Exchange of any products must be made within 7 days of purchase or delivery.
      •    Exchange can only be done at our showroom where the product was purchased. However, for purchase of products at exhibitions, they can be exchanged at any showroom or at the head office.

  • Warranty Terms and Conditions
  • Warranty Repair Policy
    • We will need a period of 2 weeks to repair any defective products and this may be prolonged to a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the extent of damage.

  • Warranty Registration
  • Service Center Location
    • Our service center is located at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #01-08 Mapex Singapore 577177. The nearest MRT station is circle line Marymount station (CC16), exit B.  Contact number is 6333 1198. Please refer to our store locator for opening hours.

  • Product Showcase / Availability in Showrooms
    • We hope to provide our customers with full product range and complete showcase in every showroom. To avoid any disappointment, customers are advised to call our showroom(s) to enquire about the desired product availability before visiting.

  • Opening Hours
  • Cooking Class (and Recipes)
    • We hold regular complimentary cooking class at Mapex showroom (nearest MRT: Marymount, exit B) for our customers. Please fill out the FORM or call 6281 1198 to register. As seats are limited, please register early (no fee required). 

      For recipes, please refer to our BLOG.